Monday, August 10, 2009

Nebo and iTunes' Prank on Me

Story number 1: Nebo

Some of the basic truths of our faith are rarely mentioned in testimony meetings. Example: All single twenty-five year olds are dating failures. Failing to set them up is like failing to feed a starving person in your very midst. Four wanna-be Cupids were shooting arrows at me just over a week ago. My blind date for that Saturday fell through, so I decided to hike Mount Nebo instead. On the whole, I've lost a lot of faith in blind dates.

I enjoy hiking. Hiking can be a wonderful social event and an pleasant outing. This hike, however, was neither. This was to be a Man Hike. I convinced myself that my awesomeness was directly proportional to how quickly I could get to the highest point of the Wasatch Mountains. My ascent would consist of Godzilla Steps with a some running. An occasional Man Roar (the kind that would intimidate a Viking) would be appropriate.

Thus I found myself moving quickly past a couple who had stopped to rest after a steep part.

Bryan: Hello!
Guy: Wow, you're like in fourth gear, aren't you?
Bryan: Ha, thanks.

I got to the top, ate a granola bar, and turned back down the mountain. About an hour and half after our first encounter, I passed the couple again as they continued their ascent. The first words out of the guys mouth were: "I've got a smokin' hot sister that I want to set you up with. You seem like a nice guy. She's a hiker."

What did this guy know about me? I hike fast. I'm wearing a BYU shirt. Two (friendly) words: "Hello" and "thanks." I'm not sure if they'll actually convince the sister to go out on the date, but I gave them my number. I don't expect it to go anywhere, but wouldn't that be an awesome "how we met" story?

Story number 2: iTunes' Prank on Me

In reorganizing my music, I told iTunes to fetch any missing album art for my iPod touch. The visual recognition adds a little convenience.

The problem is, many of my songs were ripped from the CD by other programs before I became an iPod user. iTunes doesn't always get the CD right. I did this for my entire music library, only to discover some errors while listening. I had my entire iPod on shuffle last week, when a Bach song came on from The Only Classical CD You'll Ever Need. This is what I saw:

I began laughing hysterically, right there in my cubicle at work. "On Fire: Hottest Bellydance CD Ever" is certainly not something I'd ever buy, but I still haven't cleared the album art. I'm too amused every time I see it.


Adam and Julie H. said...

Yeah for another post! Ha ha ha about the belly dancing CD. Are you sure that it's not you secret passion that you are slowly letting us know about. j/k. Good luck with the potential blind date. That would be a good story.

tebazele said...

Ha ha ha! You are very eloquent :) Too bad you hadn't just given a Man Roar when you met the couple that wanted to set you up. I think the available sister would have appreciated that even more than your hiking abilities.

Amortize This said...

You're fat. fat. fat. fat.